Is a method that originates from Malaysia, but actually the tradition of binding has been around for centuries. When you are pregnant, many organs are pushed aside by your uterus with your baby, your placenta and all the amniotic fluid in it. When you have just given birth, there is quite a lot of room in your belly for your other organs to "swim".
By tying your pelvis/belly you will give your body some stability again. The space in your belly will be reduced as a result, so you will experience more support. This binding is possible in different ways. This used to be called a locking sheet. You can buy a belly strap with velcro or hooks but these straps almost never fit seamlessly.
With the Bengkung Belly Binding method this is the case. In the beginning it is an intensive job (if you have done this more often, it goes faster of course) but then you have something. You then have a belly band that is completely personal and offers optimal support on all sides.
This tailor-made corset makes you aware of the movements you make. You will then be more aware of your body. The feeling of constant embrace forces you to take (more) rest.
During your pregnancy you make the hormone relaxine. This is the hormone that causes your joints to wake up so that the birth can proceed more smoothly. However, after your baby is born, this hormone will remain in your body for a few weeks. Binding your belly then has the following advantages:
  • Supporting the pelvic floor
  • ​Reducing afterwea
  • ​Encouring good posture
  • ​Closing the hips and ribcage
  • ​Helps the abdominal wall with retraction
  • ​Support for the organs
  • ​Faster stopping of bleeding
  • ​You hold less moisture
YES, you want to use Belly Binding! But what happens next?
Do you want to use the Belly Binding? Then it's wise to let me know in advance. This way I can make sure that around your due date there is room in the agenda to plan your session(s). But I also make sure that around that time a Belly Bind is reserved for you.
You can pass it on in different ways. You can do this via the contact form, but you can also email or appen me at any time. If you need additional information, a non-binding conversation is always possible.
Have you reserved your seat? Then you can remove it from your to-do list and enjoy your pregnancy. When you have given birth, you prefer to let me know within 24 hours. After that, the appointments will be scheduled for binding.
The first time I place the baby, I prefer to do so in the early evening. This way you can also sleep with the Belly Bind and experience the support during the night. The first session is usually between day 4 and 7 after the birth. This first session lasts about 45 minutes in which I give you advice and of course the Belly Bind for your place.
After that it depends on which package you choose. You can choose that I visit you regularly and put the Belly Bind in front of you or that you make an appointment in which you learn how to put the Belly Bind yourself. The latter will of course make a difference in the costs, but I experience that many women find this difficult. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do it well for yourself.
After placement the Belly Bind will stay with you for as long as this is necessary for you. Often the use of this cloth is recommended in the first 6 weeks after the birth. After that you can still use the cloth but it is advised to combine this with exercises.
For the cloth I ask a rent of €5,- per week.
belly binding introduction
  • Freely available telephone consultation
  • Session 45 minutes
  • Ideal at the end of your first post partum week
  • You want more sessions? Then €30,- per session for single seats. Do you want to learn it yourself? Then choose for package Self-learning!
  • Do you live within a radius of 15 km from the practice address (6661LG)? Then no travel costs!
  • Outside this radius €0.25 per kilometre
  • * Excluding rental of the Belly Bind a €5,- per week
belly binding do it yourself
  • Freely available telephone consultation
  • Session 60 minutes
  • Under supervision you will learn how to place the Belly Bind within yourself. 
  • Do you live within a radius of 15 km from the practice address (6661LG)? Then no travel costs!
  • Outside this radius €0.25 per kilometre
  • * Excluding rental of the Belly Bind a €5,- per week
introduction & do it yourself
  • Freely available telephone consultation
  • Trial session 45 minutes
  • Self learning 60 minutes
  • Do you live within a 15 km radius of the practice address (6661LG)? Then no travel costs!
  • Outside this radius €0.25 per kilometre
  • * Excluding rental of the Belly Bind a €5,- per week
Frequently askes questions
Is Belly Binding for every woman?
Yes! Belly Binding can be applied to any woman. It is a service that is most suitable for the postpartum period. 
How long can I keep wearing the Belly Bind?
In the first weeks you can easily wear the Belly Bind 24 hours a day. It is not possible to shower with the cloth. And because your movements make the cloth work, it is advisable to replace it daily. After 10 days you can choose to reduce it to for example 12 hours a day and later to 8 hours a day. After 6 weeks the use of the cloth can only be advised if you also do exercises. What these exercises are, you can best contact a pelvic therapist. 
What do I have to take care of?
The closing ritual is a technique carried out by 4 hands. In other words, I ask for help. Often it is the partner who supports me in this, but a good friend or your mother can also be a very nice support. As long as it is someone with whom you can completely relax and where you feel free to focus entirely on yourself.
It's also nice to have someone to take care of your baby. Although it also happens regularly that the baby is lying comfortably, as long as you feel relaxed with it! There are plenty of mothers who find it difficult to relax when they know that the baby needs something at any moment. If this is the case, then it's nice to have someone else with you who can provide for your baby's needs.
Can we do it at Diastasis?
Yeah, it is! This method is even recommended by pelvic therapists who are specialized in this! 
What if the birth went by C-section?
Then you can still use this method but it is not recommended to do so immediately after the birth. In any case, more rest is recommended after a caesarean section because this is a serious abdominal operation. When the suture has healed more, you can schedule your first session (often around 5 to 6 weeks). 
What can I do if my question was not answered here?
Was your question not one the frequently asked questions? Than please let me know your question and I will help you! You can fill in the contactform below. Of course you can also email me your question to of whatsapp me on 06-53185039. 
Do you want more information? Please let me know! I love to help you :-)
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