The BirthPartner - Jolanda van den Bosch
Personal attention and guidance so you can focus on your birth!
A doula for extra trust in yourself and your birth
So you can focus on what is really important!
Explore what a doula is and what she can do for you
without having the feeling that it is woolly. 
YES, I want to have a beautiful birth without thinking "this never again!"
  • MORE trust in the birthproces
  •  MORE peace in your mind, more relaxation in your body 
  •  MORE enjoying your pregnancy 
  •  MORE personal care for you during your pregnancy AND birth
  •  BEING PROUD on your birth
Than a doula is really something for you!

A doula is a woman who you meet during your pregnancy but also can support you during birth, no matter how long it takes! 
So you can focus on what is really important, on you and your baby. 

And maybe, later on, when you give birth, you can do this the way YOU WANT TO!
And afterwards having the feeling

Impossible? NOPE!
explore what I can do for you
Jolanda van den Bosch
Doula - BirthCoach
Yes, You are the one who is pregnant
Yes, YOU are the one who is going to give birth
But with you do you want to this beautiful event?
In the Netherlands, the demand for doula is on the rise and that is great! Because adding a doula to your birthteam is one of the most beautiful presents you can give yourself! Scientific research has proven that adding a doula to your birthteam:
  • Decreases the chance you need a C-section
  • Decreases the chance you need Pitocin (to make contractions stronger)
  • Less pain relief is requested
  • The delivery lasts an average of 2 hours shorter
  • Less episiotemy is needed
  • The partner feels much more involved in the process
  • There is a lower risk of postnatal depression
  •  But most importantly: That the mother looks back on the birth with a more satisfied and positive feeling
And wow, what an advantages! Doesn't everyone want that? And especially the last reason, that women look back at their birth with a more satisfied feeling and that they are proud of what they have done. That is my goal, the reason that I am a doula!
"When you change the way you view birth, the way you give birth will change" 
Marie Mongan Grondlegster van HypnoBirthing
Jolanda van den Bosch
HypnoBirth Professional
Hypnosis Coach
Midwife in training
So many kind of women,
So many kind of births
I am a mother of 3 boys and with all of them, the birth went totally different. When I was pregnant of my oldest son, my husband and I did a pregnancy course. We thought we were well prepared! I thought I can handle pain, this is gonna be a piece of cake. But that was a real disappointment. On paper it was a real quick birth, but the feeling I had didn't resonate with that. I really struggled in the postpartum period and even the first couple of months. 

When I was pregnant again, I knew I wanted it differently. But how? Because I had a lot of Pelvis troubles, I was induced this time. And again, I had the totally overwhelming feeling again. I lost myself during the proces. But because I allready knew what was coming to me postpartum, I could handle it better. 

Then my youngest son. This really just had to go differently. It was very clear for me that this was gonna be my last pregnancy. During this pregnancy I started with affirmations, positive reinforcements. I start focusing on what I do want in stead of what I didn't want. 

And YES, this birth went better than what I had experienced befor. Because I was more conscious, more positive, I came more and more in my relaxation bubble. And befor I knew it, I had 10 centimeters! In the end, a emergency C-section was necessary. The mandatory bedrest was a delight! Now the only thing I could do was lay in bed with my bed and enjoy every second with him!

The positive reinforcement really helped me to think positive about the C-section. I don't know if I could do this, if I hadn't trained myself. 

But this made my last birth really beautiful. It makes me glow and I feel proud of what I have done. This feeling was new to me. But believe me, it really makes a difference!

So that is why in 2014 I went back to school to become a Doula. From that moment on, it really is like a rollercoaster! It even gave me the opportunity to quit my dayjob! In 2019 I went back to school to become a Midwife! 
Now I have my own practice, I guide pregnant women and their partners to a beautiful birth. So they all get the feeling they are PROUD of what they have done! This is my mission!
You never forget the day your baby is born
Let's make it a beautiful day 
You are PROUD of!
How does the guidance go?
At first, I would love to come by to your house to have a face to face talk to see if there is a 'click' between us. Of course during this conversation I can explain what I can do for you and how I work. I explain the extra possibilities during the guidance like pregnancy massage of PostPartum services. 

This meeting is totally free of charge, no strings attached. Within a couple of days you will have contact again and you confirm if you want to continue with me or not. 
During the pregnancy we have 3 meetings. These meetings are to get to know each other better. 

Within these meetings I will learn you the most important things so you can prepare yourself for birth even better. But of course we also talk about what you need, what you want, but also what you definitely don't want. 

If you have any fear, of course we are gonna work with that so you are able to enjoy your pregnancy more.  And of course, I'll learn your partner also some basics so he can also be there more for you! 
YES, the day is finally there! Of course during the last weeks of your pregnancy we have app conversations, you keep me posted. 

From the moment birth has started and you want me there, you can contact me. And I stay with you during the whole process till about 2 hours after your baby is born. 

During birth I am there to support you, to guide you, to be your advocate and of course I am there to also support your partner! So he feels more connected to you and really be a part of the journey. 
The first 6 weeks after your baby is born is a special period. In Dutch we call this the kraamperiode. During these weeks, I come by to check on your family. We talk about birth, how you experienced it, how your partner has experienced it and if you need more care from me. 

In this period you also receive a link from me with the photos I have made during your birthprocess (only if you want me to!).
What Is Included?
  • Click Conversation € 45,-
  •  3 meetings during pregnancy € 350,- 
  •  On call from week 37 till your baby is born € 175,- (based on 5,- per day)
  •  Continues support during birth no matter how long it takes € 450,-
  •  BackUp doula when needed € 150,-
  •  Free of use of Birth in a Pool inclusiding personal package € 150,-
  •  Free of use of TENS € 45,-
  •  Free of use CUB € 60,-
  •  1 meeting PostPartum € 75,-
*Costs for extra kilometers is not included
** You can expand your guidance with prengancy massage, breech consult, postpartum services or extra coachingsessions
Total costs for DOULA GUIDANCE € 1575,- € 900,- 
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