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  •  MORE trust in the birth process
  •  MORE peace in your mind, more peace in your body 
  •  MORE  joy in your pregnancy 
  •  MORE trust in yourself
  •  MORE knowing how you can take control
And do you want to learn all of this? Than don't look further cause I can help you!

And it could be your reality that when you have your baby in your arms,
 you have the feeling

How come? On this page you see all the information what I can do for you. This can be doula guidance or a prengancy course (based on hypnobirthing). 
My course has allready been a big difference for couples for how they have experienced the pregnancy and birth. They are way more relaxed and they have way more trust. 


NOPE, You are allready here, so please continue and find out what I can do for you!
"If you change the way you view birth
the way you give birth will change"
Marie Mongan Founder of HypnoBirthing
When I just started as a doula I had the following on my website:"I am going to be complete honoust, Giving birth is no fun!" Till someone asked me if I never have heard of HypnoBirthing. And yes, even after giving birth to my 3 sons, I never heard of HypnoBirthing. And if I have heard about it, I don't think it was something for me cause I'm a down to earth person en HypnoBirthing sounds way to woolly for me. 

But now, now I am in "the business" of course I wanted to know everything possible so I started reading about HypnoBirthing. I read things like painfree delivery. Ehm...I have done it 3 times, I don't believe anything about this...but now I am intriged. How is this possible?

Not long after this I applied for the Practitioner Course and got in. During this course it was like the pieces of the puzzle fell down and it hit me, Is this how it's done!

Sometimes I get the question about experiencing birth, if I want to do it again with now knowing everything I know. Ehm YES! It really intriges me this whole birth process. But my family really feels complete (especially after the holidays with 3 enthusiastic children haha) so I leave this birthing to my students. 

And now I receive the most beautifull birth stories of strong mommy's who gave birth to their baby in trust. And yes, sometimes there is a story that a woman did not feel the pain! That doesn't mean that she didn't fellt anything, only she doesn't describe it as pain. 
Befor we go any further, now I keep myself far away from these kind of statements. I find it way more important that you know you to take control and that you are proud of the birth, no matter how it goes. That you have trust in the birthprocess and in yourself! And gaining this trust starts during pregnancy. Cause by educating yourself and preparing yourself, you bring this trust to your birth. And it goes on, if you have trust in your birth, and you are proud of it, it gives you trust in the weeks after birth. 

And that is the biggest present you can give yourself! The best way for a newly born family
SESSION 1, Topics are:
  •  What goes wrong with most births?
  •  What has stress got to do with it?
  •  How can relaxtion influence birth?
  •  How you can prepare your body for birth
  •  How athletes allready do this for important matches and know which simple tool you can use as well. 
SESSION 2, Topics are:
  •   How your breathing can cooperate with your uterus
  •  Which physical exercises you can to to strengthen your core so it can handle your belly
  •  How you can get yourself even further in relaxation with just a couple of simple tools!
SESSION 3, Topics are:
  • How your baby magicly maneuver themselves threw your pelvis
  •  What you can during all the phases of birth
  •  Which postures you can do to optimalize the birthproces
  •  A lot of tools for the partner so he knows how he can support you even more
  •  What you can learn from vaginal exams (and that is way more than centimeters alone!)
  •  Know what you can do to give your baby the best start ever
  •  What you can do keep having control even when it goes nothing like you planned
What is all included with the Private Course?
  • 3 sessions of 2,5 hour
  • These lessons are for you AND your partner! If your partner is not able to join us, you can also bring a good friend or your mother or a sister. As long as you feel comfortable. And of course it is also possible to do the course all by yourself.  
  • All the MP3's which are handled during the course. You can use them during your pregnancy but also during birth!
  •  Acces to OneDrive where you can find all the information we talked after every lesson. 
  •  My support per whatsapp/email during and after the course 
pRIVate course at your own home
  • 3 sessions a 2,5 hour
  • All the MP3 handeld in the course
  •  Acces to OneDrive
  •   My support per whatsapp/email during and after the course
  • * This is without the expenses of the kilometers. First 15 kilometers are free, after this it is €0,25 per kilometer)
pRIVate course in my practice 
  • 3 sessions a 2,5 hour
  • All the MP3 handeld in the course
  •  Acces to OneDrive
  •   My support per whatsapp/email during and after the course
  • including coffee/tea with of course something delicious!
    Let me know if you have allergies!
Is this course something for me?
If you are on this website, I assume you are looking for a pregnancy course where you learn all the information you need in a No Nonsens Way! If that is the case, than this course definetly for you! I am a very down to earth person. I give the information in a scientific way combined with exercises so you can experience what I mean right away!
How do we determine when the lessons are?
To apply for the course is really easy, just fill in the form and I contact you. I send you a link where you can plan your own sessions. It is an Dutch agenda, but choose for "zwangerschapscursus" and you see which possibilities are still open. 
The link is: you allready want to find out if it also is possible in your agenda. When you have scheduled the sessions, you will receive an invoice for the payment. 
I allready given birth once, do I still learn new things?
Oh YES! I even given this course to housedoctors, to midwives and they all said that my course changes the way the do their profession! They all learned stuff they didn't know befor! So if you allready given birth once or more, even than this course is a beautiful supplement to your birth preparation. 
My partner is not interested, what can I do?
Sometimes I hear that the partner is not interested, mostly because they think hypnobirthing is to woolly. If this is the case, I invite him to join us the first lesson. If he still doesn't like it, than okay, he doesn't has to come. But believe me, no partner stayed away! 
By doing the course together, you commit more. There are topics which you never heard of and now you can discussed them together. And by discussing them, he knows what your wishes are during birth. Now your experience not only birth more together but also the pregnancy!
What is the best time to start with this course?
You can start this course whenever you like. My experience is that if you start to early you think you have a lot of time to do the exercises and than in a wink of an eye it is allready 38 weeks. The best time to start is around 25 weeks. Of course you can start earlier or later with the course. 
What I recommend is to start around 25/28 weeks and than do the next session 3/4 weeks later. This way you have enough time to start with the exercises. This way you have the last lesson around 32/36 weeks. 
I allready do Yoga. Is this course than still necessairy?
YES! First of all, great you are doing yoga! I have a lot of students who have done pregnancy yoga and still say this course was more informative. It is also more about preparing the mind. So yes, it is a very beautiful supplement to yoga! 

And if you don't do yoga, don't worry. In this course you also learn a lot about breathingtechniques for each step of the way so it really is no obligation to do yoga. 
Can I declare the invoice at my insurancecompany?
This really depends on which insurance company you have and which package you have. If you want to know if it can be reimbursed, please contact your own insurancecompany.
Is there anything else I have to do besides following this course?
In the course you learn physical exercises and relaxation exercises. Of all the exercises goes the more you do them, the better the results will be. But does this takes a lot of time? NO! Cause a lot of the exercises you can combine them in your daily routin! In the course I give you a lot of suggestions so you can prepare your body and mind but doesn't take a lot of your precious time. 
Is it necessairy to put on sporting clothes?
This is a question I get quite regurarly, but no. You don't need sporting clothes. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in! 
If I still have any questions, what can I do best?
Do you still have any questions after reading this FAQ? Please contact me! You can email me on info@degeboortepartner of call/whatsapp on +316 531 85 039. You can also fill in the contactform and I get back to you as soon as possible. 
Where and when is this course?
You can follow the course at your own home! Very handy when you allready have a child and you don't have a sitter. 

All this comfort is possible for a little compensation depending on where you live. For all the kilometers which are more than 15 kilometers away of my practice, it is € 0,25 per kilometer. 

Example: A couple who lives in Amersfoort wants to do the course. That is approximately 50 kilometers away from my practice. 
50 kilometers - 15 free kilometers = 35 kilometers x 6 times back and forth = 210 kilometers
210 kilometers x € 0,25 = € 52,50 (extra parkingcosts are not included)
Of course it is also possible to follow the course in my Practice in Elst.  

My practice is really easy to acces in Elst on Gele Lis 6. Coffee/Tea and of course something delicious is allready waiting for you!
pRIVate course at your own home
  • 3 sessions a 2,5 hour
  • All the MP3 handeld in the course
  •  Acces to OneDrive
  •   My support per whatsapp/email during and after the course
  • * This is without the expenses of the kilometers. First 15 kilometers are free, after this it is €0,25 per kilometer)
pRIVate course in my practice 
  • 3 sessions a 2,5 hour
  • All the MP3 handeld in the course
  •  Acces to OneDrive
  •   My support per whatsapp/email during and after the course
  • including coffee/tea with of course something delicious!
    Let me know if you have allergies!
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